Troy ConsultingTroy McClain and his team of experts, offer a specific range of services that focus on your business. Including brand awareness, improving the success of your service or brand entering the market, increasing market share or finding capital, and client retention. Troy has been helping companies worldwide create slogans, taglines, mission statements, brand awareness campaigns and higher connections with capital and other resources for years. Troy and his team want to help you!

Tracking Troy's Success

With over 20 years of experience in personal and professional development, Troy and his development team have a proven record of helping companies locally and internationally. Troy's passion is to work with a wide range of companies, whether a small family business to large corporations. family sized businesses and arming them with the personalities, professionalism and passionate tools needed to move forward into the future of business! Other areas of success include:

  • Leadership Training to Build a Committed Team Loyal to the Cause.
  • Developing Business Strategies and Tactics for Business Growth.
  • Creating a Communication Plan and Messaging Calendar Consistent with the Brand.
  • Funnel and Marketing Tactics to Increase Brand Awareness and Growth.
  • Developing Live, Annual and On-Going Cause Driven Events.

Additional Services Offered

  • Online Marketing, Social Media, Brand Management, and Online Advertising. 
  • Web Design, Web Maintenance, and SEO. 
  • Financial Services: Financial Standard Operating Procedures and Accounting.
  • Organizational Chart Creations, Company Manuals and Vision Statements.
  • Methods of Gathering and Organizing Data Flow.

Better Business Building with Integrity

Troy McClain and his organization have been the recipient of the Better Business Bureau "Integrity Counts" Award and Forty Under 40 Award, along with multiple other accolades and nominations. Allow Troy and his team to show a process of restructuring, building and messaging that will build a business with integrity, and pride. The Deep Dive Process and all the information gained during this process is confidential and is used to discover the entire potential of your organization for you!

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