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The Gift

* Remember, to make a difference, you must BE different.* By Troy McClain

October was Special Needs awareness month and I recently returned from our seventh year of attending the Buddy Cruise. Buddy Cruise ( is an organization that takes special needs children and their families on a cruise of a lifetime.What I get to experience each year is nothing short of life-changing: watching children overcome obstacles and challenges while smiling the entire time. Experiencing their willingness to love, dance, share and care for others for the simple reason of “just because” is inspiring. They love themselves and you for being you and not for what you own, have or can do for them or personal gain. They are a living example to follow.

The gift that they offer up, only a few know about and others wish to discover. The few that experience this gift, may at times, confuse its value with something other than priceless! The gift is open to us all but only discovered by those who are ready to receive it. In order to be ready, your mind must be receiving lessons at a frequency level that will allow you to feel the presence of the gift. Your depth of understanding or conscious level must be at a degree where you will attract all the gifts and track all the levels of love being given. It take a minute to make the decision to be part of this community but a lifetime to fully appreciate what has been given. Within this community there are amazing individuals, innovators, instructors, motivators and champions of compassion.

People who can and will inspire, uplift and serve exactly what you need to hear, have and do to change your own life for the better! Listen, learn and apply their living examples of expression, acceptance, tolerance and love and you will be a better person for it!  I have often heard anything worth having is worth fighting for. With that, I invite you continue to fight old concepts, Ideas, and thoughts in order to have the lessons, love and life this community can give you.

Success leaves tracks. This is proven. But success has a wide definition and has many categories. One category of success is relationships, both with yourself and others. However, most people have difficulty wrapping their brains around the simple fact that someone with special needs can actually be a teacher toward what they desire most. Learning to love yourself without judgment, learning to express your love to your husband, wife or significant other without concern of public criticism and practicing having fun without the worries of what others would think of you is what you can learn from this community. These areas and more are what most desire to have. You can learn something so incredibly positive from watching, learning and applying the actions our special needs community displays. You can begin to practice that which you wish you could have by incorporating what they do on a daily basis. You can discover courage, find motivation, learn to love better and even find yourself through them.

We just celebrated special needs awareness month. However, today is the day that you can learn from others and discover all that you need to have, be and do awaits you. Simply make the decision to include a community that would love you for you!
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